When is it Time to Seek Therapy?

 There are times in life when things are not going the way you would  like, and attempts to handle the problems are not working. You may feel  overwhelmed, frustrated and stuck - spinning your wheels. 

 At these times you may need to discuss your concerns, thoughts and  feelings with a professional who has the expertise to understand what  you are going through, and help support and guide you. 

My Approach

Psychotherapy that combines Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) with mindfulness instruction has been demonstrated to improve the results of treatment for depression,  anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and many other issues,  CBT is a structured, practical method of helping people focus on  goals and learn the skills required to develop insight by identifying  negative thoughts and beliefs and challenging the assumptions that often  underly them.  Concurrent training in mindfulness enhances progress by  increasing self-awareness, clear thinking,  and the ability to handle  difficult thoughts and emotions as treatment proceeds. This approach to  therapy can lead to the foundation for positive self-care behaviours,  emotional resilience and the life-long ability to address problems as  they arise and set and achieve personal goals. 

What to Expect

The initial meeting is in the form of a consultation in a safe,  confidential atmosphere where I will  listen to your concerns and  perceptions of the issues without judgment, ask relevant questions in  order to provide you with straightforward feedback,  arrive at  preliminary recommendations,  and decide how best to proceed, whether in  psychotherapy or another appropriate course of action. 

How Long is Therapy?

The duration of therapy depends to a great degree on your commitment to  yourself to engage in the necessary work. Initially, we agree on a  number of sessions  after which we assess progress together and decide  if more sessions are required.